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10 Great Cruise Fits

You know your group would be a great fit on a cruise when …

1. Your group is on a tight budget but still requires a cool venue – a cruise can offer an incredible value, eliminate overruns or extra-bill items with an all-inclusive price, and still deliver a "cool" venue.

2. Your group leader wants to have 100% attention of the staff – a full ship charter guarantees you are the only event onsite.

3. Your group needs a theatrical production facility – ships offer, at little or no cost, a big stage with sets, lighting, and sound capabilities.

4. You have a group that needs to bond together - the at-sea experience is a tried and true bonding opportunity.

5. Your group could be flexible with their meeting space – most ships have limited purpose-built meeting/breakout rooms. However, cruise ships offer any number of unique, private, meeting areas for the flexible group.

6. Your group needs a spouse program – a ship’s itinerary is a perfect way to keep the other half busy during long hours of meetings.

7. You want to get your group away from the phone, the blackberry, emails – this is getting harder and harder to find even out to sea, where cell services  and the internet are now available – but only if you need them.

8. Your group needs to focus on a single subject or task – a ship offers blocks of time with limited distractions.

9. Your program needs to be a combination of work and fun – a cruise offers the opportunity to work alongside a full entertainment lineup included in the price.

10. You need to top the last program – a cruise offers unparalleled customer satisfaction ratings. CLIA Spring survey says a cruise… “Consistently exceeds expectations!”

11. You need celebrate the success of your employees or company.