Better than the one before …

The program is over and the word back at the office… “It was the best meeting ever!” Everything was perfect from the location down to the very last menu item you selected. Your dilemma; where do you go next year?

It needs to be somewhere fresh and exciting, at least as good in the basic categories of accommodations, food and fun! Plus, it must be somewhere that will generate excitement and have great promotional appeal.

Your answer is a Cruise Ship!

With hundreds of ships currently sailing around the world and 18 new ones arriving in the next 3 years, there is a cruise out there that can generate more excitement than  your last event!

Take a look at the options being created by the modern cruise industry. New short itineraries of 2, 3, 4 & 5 days departing from places like, Seattle, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Galveston, Mobile, Tampa, Jacksonville, Charleston, New York and Boston work great for corporate meeting and incentive programs. Today’s modern ships include every guest amenity your group expects.

The best news for the savvy planner may be that a cruise can beat your budget from the last year as well. With an all-in-one pricing strategy and a long list of included features, you will be able to maintain your budget numbers .